Curated Forms News

These are the news items that I have curated during the monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the Forms conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I am using all of these links to better understand how the space is defining not just their APIs, but their schema, and other moving parts of their API operations.

Email APIs Which One is Right for You? (12-19-2019)
How (10-25-2019)
Deploy a static website with AWS (09-20-2019)
Enhancing Data Privacy in Healthcare with Automated Data Governance (08-30-2019)
Uber and Lyft are putting $60 million toward keeping drivers independent contractors (08-29-2019)
Forms Are Hard (08-29-2019)
Partner Perspective: We Are Listening (08-23-2019)
What We Mean by Feature Flags (08-21-2019)
Introducing the Wild West of Federal Government Websites (08-21-2019)
Why is Serverless Architecture becoming popular for App Development? (08-19-2019)
Integrating Slack into your Laravel API (08-18-2019)
How to use Form Recognizer API (07-29-2019)
Forms without servershandling form submissions with Lambda (07-29-2019)
Serverless contact form handling for static websites (07-29-2019)
How To Add A Contact Form To A Static Website With AWS Lambda (11-24-2017)
Introducing form (11-10-2017)
FormBackend Collect submissions for your HTML forms easily! (10-30-2017)
API Driven Form Submissions with Javascript, Vuex and Laravel (10-26-2017)
Simple Backends: Four ways to implement a Contact Us form on a static website (10-19-2017)
Building a Form in React (10-18-2017)
FormAPI Stripe for PDFs (10-07-2017)
Pageclip A server for your HTML forms (10-05-2017)
How to make visually engaging web forms (09-24-2017)
mozilla (09-07-2017)
E (09-06-2017)
Form to Email as a Service (08-05-2017)
OSHA Launches New Website for Electronically Filing Injury and Illness Reports (07-27-2017)
OSHA programs application for Form 300A data submission (07-20-2017)
OSHA Launches App to Electronically Submit Injury and Illness Data (07-18-2017)
OSHA's Web (07-18-2017)
OSHA releases injury tracking app (07-17-2017)
OSHA to Launch App for Submitting Injury and Illness Data (07-16-2017)
Google updates Forms with intelligent response validation, cross (07-10-2017)
Create a Web Form and Upload Files to Box with Box Platform and Stamplay (07-05-2017)
Are there Insecure Webforms on your Assets? Data Suggests Yes (05-19-2017)

These are curated as part of my daily work to understand what is happening across the space, and I regularly use them to track on what has occurred overtime, and include them in my guides, whitepapers, and other outputs.

Featured Forms Companies and Organizations

These are the organizations I come across in my research who are doing interesting things in the API space. They could be companies, institutions, government agencies, or any other type of organizational entity. My goal is to aggregate so I can stay in tune with what they are up to and how it impacts the API space.


Intels innovation in cloud computing, data center, Internet of Things, and PC solutions is powering the smart and connected digital world we live in.

  • Blog RSS - The blog rss for the Intel platform.
  • Crunchbase - The crunchbase for the Intel platform.
  • Crunchbase - The crunchbase for the Intel platform.
  • Developer - The developer for the Intel platform.
  • Facebook - The facebook for the Intel platform.
  • Instagram - The instagram for the Intel platform.
  • Investor - The investor for the Intel platform.
  • Linkedin - The linkedin for the Intel platform.
  • News - The news for the Intel platform.
  • Support - The support for the Intel platform.
  • Support - The support for the Intel platform.
  • Support - The support for the Intel platform.
  • Twitter - The twitter for the Intel platform.
  • Website - The website for the Intel platform.
  • Website - The website for the Intel platform.
  • Website - The website for the Intel platform.
  • Youtube - The youtube for the Intel platform.


  • get products by category
  • get products by category
  • getDetail
  • home
  • index a single article
  • reindex all articles in shop
  • returns all the categories matching the filters
  • returns all the product ids of a root category
  • search article
  • search article

Abbrebiations STANDS4

  • Get Abbreviations
  • Get Anagrams
  • Get Conversions
  • Get Dictionary Definitions
  • Get Grammar
  • Get Literature
  • Get Lyrics
  • Get Phrases
  • Get Poetry
  • Get Quotes
  • Get Rhymes
  • Get Scripts
  • Get Synonyms
  • Get ZIP Codes


  • Analytics live for a date range
  • Analytics live for a day
  • Analytics live for a month
  • Analytics live for a week
  • Analytics live for a year
  • Analytics live Today
  • Analytics lives project For a date range Paginated
  • Analytics lives project For a day Paginated
  • Analytics lives project For a week Paginated
  • Analytics lives project For a year Paginated
  • Analytics lives project Today
  • Analytics lives project Today Paginated
  • Analytics Session Events
  • Analytics video for a date range
  • Analytics video for a day
  • Analytics video for a month
  • Analytics video for a week
  • Analytics video for a year
  • Analytics video Today
  • Analytics videos project For a date range Paginated
  • Analytics videos project For a day Paginated
  • Analytics videos project For a month Paginated
  • Analytics videos project For a week Paginated
  • Analytics videos project For a year Paginated
  • Analytics videos project Today
  • Analytics videos project Today Paginated
  • Authenticate - Get Access Token
  • Authenticate - Refresh token
  • Create a Live
  • Create Player
  • Create Video
  • Delete Caption
  • Delete Live Stream
  • Delete Player
  • Delete Video
  • Generate a token
  • List Caption
  • List Live Streams
  • List Live Streams Paginated
  • List Players
  • List Players Paginated
  • List Videos with Pagination
  • Patch Player
  • Pick video thumbnail with timecode
  • Show account
  • Show Caption
  • Show Live Stream
  • Show Player
  • Show Video
  • Show Video Status
  • Update a Live
  • Update Caption
  • Update Video
  • Upload a Live Thumbnail
  • Upload Caption
  • Upload delegated video
  • Upload player logo
  • Upload Video (Size <= 128Mb)
  • Upload video thumbnail


  • Create a new character
  • Delete all characters
  • Find characters
  • Get a specific character
  • Get API definition
  • Get API info
  • Update a character


  • Logs out current logged in user session
  • Logs out current logged in user session
  • Logs user into the system

Articles API

  • Create a User
  • Create an Article
  • Delete an Article
  • Edit an Article
  • Find all Articles
  • Find all Articles (from all users) that contain the given tag(s)
  • Reports basic status data about the state of this microservice.

Blog Sample Swagger documentation

  • create article
  • create comment
  • delete article details
  • delete comment details
  • show all articles
  • show all comments
  • show article details
  • show comment details
  • update article details
  • update article details
  • update comment details
  • update comment details
  • user sing in
  • user sing up

Clients Policies API

  • getClientById
  • getClientByName
  • getClientByName2
  • getPoliciesByName

Core Docs

  • Add an event to the store
  • create
  • edit

Demo Swagger

Dental Clinic Management API

  • Change Patient information
  • Change service information
  • Create new Service
  • Create patient
  • Delete Patient by Id
  • Delete service information
  • Display Service information
  • Get a patient by Id
  • Get services

E-learning CodiGo - API - Documentación

  • Add a new pet to the store

Enterprise Flows Repository - Applications

  • Add a new interface for this contract.
  • Add new application.
  • delete an application.
  • Get 1 application.
  • Get complete description of a interface.
  • Get complete life of this version.
  • List actors of a application.
  • List all Objects managed.
  • List all temporal representations.
  • List applications.
  • List classes.
  • List of interfaces.
  • Modify existing application.


  • Inicia o processo de faturamento da venda passada na requisição
  • Inicia o processo de faturamento da venda passada na requisição
  • Inicia o processo de faturamento da venda passada na requisição
  • Inicia o processo de faturamento da venda passada na requisição
  • Retorna todos os Carregamentos disponíveis
  • Retorna todos os Pedidos de Venda disponíveis
  • Retorna um Carregamento a partir de um código
  • Retorna um Pedido de Venda a partir de um código

Foursquare (OAuth 2.0 Auth Code)


  • Replace keys by links if key was found


  • Buy amount of shares passed by params called "amount"
  • Buy amount of shares passed by params called "amount"
  • Buy amount of shares passed by params called "amount"
  • Buy amount of shares passed by params called "amount"
  • Return current price of FB Stock
  • Return current price of GOOG Stock
  • Returns AAPL shares purchased by user
  • Returns current price of AAPL Stock
  • Returns GOOG shares purchased by user
  • Sell amount of shares passed by params called "amount"
  • Sell amount of shares passed by params called "amount"
  • Sell amount of shares passed by params called "amount"
  • Sell amount of shares passed by params called "amount"
  • Verify user

Open Education API

  • GET /
  • GET /buildings
  • GET /buildings/{buildingId}
  • GET /course-groups
  • GET /course-groups/{courseGroupId}
  • GET /course-offerings
  • GET /course-results
  • GET /course-results/{courseResultId}
  • GET /courseOfferings/{courseOfferingId}
  • GET /courses
  • GET /courses/{courseId}
  • GET /educational-departments
  • GET /educational-departments/{educationalDepartmentId}
  • GET /educational-plans
  • GET /educational-plans/{educationalPlanId}
  • GET /educational-programmes
  • GET /educational-programmes/{educationalProgrammeId}
  • GET /faculties
  • GET /faculties/{facultyId}
  • GET /institution
  • GET /news-feeds
  • GET /news-feeds/{newsFeedId}
  • GET /news-items
  • GET /news-items/{newsItemId}
  • GET /persons
  • GET /persons/{personId}
  • GET /rooms
  • GET /rooms/{roomId}
  • GET /schedules
  • GET /schedules/{scheduleId}
  • GET /test-results
  • GET /test-results/{testResultId}
  • GET /tests
  • GET /tests/{testId}

OpenAPI definition

  • Check server status
  • Check server status
  • Check server status
  • This is the test endpoint


  • Altera informacoes do Profissionais
  • Deleta um profissional
  • Inclusão de profissional
  • Retorna informacoes dos Profissionais
  • Retorna informacoes dos Profissionais


  • Returns data on every registered Pokémon ability.
  • Returns data on every registered Pokémon generation.
  • Returns data on every registered Pokémon habitat.
  • Returns data on every registered Pokémon type.
  • Returns data on every registered Pokémon.
  • Returns Pokémon ability data of matching ID.
  • Returns Pokémon ability data of matching name.
  • Returns Pokémon data of matching ID.
  • Returns Pokémon data of matching species name.
  • Returns Pokémon generation data of matching ID.
  • Returns Pokémon generation data of matching region name.
  • Returns Pokémon habitat data of matching ID.
  • Returns Pokémon habitat data of matching name.
  • Returns Pokémon type data of matching ID.
  • Returns Pokémon type data of matching name.
  • Returns Pokémons from generation of matching ID.
  • Returns Pokémons from the evolution chain of the Pokémon of matching ID.
  • Returns Pokémons from the habitat of matching ID.
  • Returns Pokémons from type of matching ID.
  • Returns Pokémons possessing ability of matching ID.


  • Atualiza a solicitação de reembolso
  • Deleta o protocolo de reembolso
  • Faz a solicitação de reembolso
  • Retorna as solicitações de reembolso do protocolo especificado
  • Retorna todas as solicitações de reembolso dos beneficiários de planos de saúde

Sample APIs Spec

  • API to delete an entity
  • API to list all records for an entity
  • API to post records to an entity
  • API to update records of an entity


  • Account & System Status
  • Adding to Queue | Google Maps
  • Callback Errors
  • JSON Results

Swagger CNN news channels services API

  • getAll
  • linkContains
  • searchByChannel
  • titleContains

Swagger Companies

  • List companies

Swagger Sample API

The Jira Cloud platform REST API

  • Add actors to project role
  • Add attachment
  • Add comment
  • Add default actors to project role
  • Add field to default screen
  • Add filter as favorite
  • Add screen tab field
  • Add share permission
  • Add user to group
  • Add vote
  • Add watcher
  • Add worklog
  • Assign issue
  • Assign permission scheme
  • Bulk create issue
  • Bulk delete issue property
  • Bulk get users
  • Bulk set issue property
  • Bulk set issues properties
  • Cancel task
  • Check issues against JQL
  • Convert user identifiers to account IDs in JQL queries
  • Create component
  • Create custom field
  • Create custom field options
  • Create draft workflow scheme
  • Create filter
  • Create group
  • Create issue
  • Create issue field option
  • Create issue link
  • Create issue link type
  • Create issue type
  • Create or update remote issue link
  • Create permission grant
  • Create permission scheme
  • Create project
  • Create project category
  • Create project role
  • Create screen tab
  • Create user
  • Create version
  • Create workflow scheme
  • Create workflow transition property
  • Delete actors from project role
  • Delete and replace version
  • Delete app property
  • Delete attachment
  • Delete avatar
  • Delete comment
  • Delete comment property
  • Delete component
  • Delete dashboard item property
  • Delete default actors from project role
  • Delete default workflow
  • Delete draft default workflow
  • Delete draft workflow scheme
  • Delete filter
  • Delete issue
  • Delete issue field option
  • Delete issue link
  • Delete issue link type
  • Delete issue property
  • Delete issue type
  • Delete issue type property
  • Delete issue types for workflow in draft workflow scheme
  • Delete issue types for workflow in workflow scheme
  • Delete locale
  • Delete permission scheme
  • Delete permission scheme grant
  • Delete preference
  • Delete project
  • Delete project avatar
  • Delete project category
  • Delete project property
  • Delete project role
  • Delete remote issue link by global ID
  • Delete remote issue link by ID
  • Delete screen tab
  • Delete share permission
  • Delete user
  • Delete user property
  • Delete version
  • Delete vote
  • Delete watcher
  • Delete webhooks by ID
  • Delete workflow for issue type in draft workflow scheme
  • Delete workflow for issue type in workflow scheme
  • Delete workflow scheme
  • Delete workflow transition property
  • Delete worklog
  • Delete worklog property
  • Disable time tracking
  • Edit issue
  • Evaluate Jira expression
  • Extend webhook life
  • Find groups
  • Find user keys by query
  • Find users
  • Find users and groups
  • Find users assignable to issues
  • Find users assignable to projects
  • Find users by query
  • Find users for picker
  • Find users with browse permission
  • Find users with permissions
  • Fully update project role
  • Get accessible project type by key
  • Get account IDs for users
  • Get actors count for project role
  • Get advanced settings
  • Get all application roles
  • Get all dashboards
  • Get all issue field options
  • Get all issue types for user
  • Get all labels
  • Get all metadata for an expanded attachment
  • Get all permission schemes
  • Get all permissions
  • Get all project avatars
  • Get all project categories
  • Get all project roles
  • Get all project types
  • Get all projects
  • Get all screen schemes
  • Get all screen tab fields
  • Get all screen tabs
  • Get all screens
  • Get all status categories
  • Get all statuses
  • Get all statuses for project
  • Get all time tracking providers
  • Get all users
  • Get all workflow schemes
  • Get all workflows
  • Get alternative issue types
  • Get app properties
  • Get app property
  • Get application property
  • Get application role
  • Get assigned permission scheme
  • Get attachment metadata
  • Get audit records
  • Get available screen fields
  • Get avatars
  • Get bulk permissions
  • Get change logs
  • Get columns
  • Get comment
  • Get comment property
  • Get comment property keys
  • Get comments
  • Get comments by IDs
  • Get component
  • Get component issues count
  • Get contents metadata for an expanded attachment
  • Get contexts for a field
  • Get create issue metadata
  • Get current user
  • Get custom field option
  • Get dashboard
  • Get dashboard item property
  • Get dashboard item property keys
  • Get default actors for project role
  • Get default share scope
  • Get default workflow
  • Get draft default workflow
  • Get draft workflow scheme
  • Get dynamic webhooks for app
  • Get edit issue metadata
  • Get failed webhooks
  • Get favorite filters
  • Get field auto complete suggestions
  • Get field reference data
  • Get fields
  • Get fields paginated
  • Get filter
  • Get filters
  • Get global settings
  • Get group
  • Get IDs of deleted worklogs
  • Get IDs of updated worklogs
  • Get issue
  • Get issue field option
  • Get issue link
  • Get issue link type
  • Get issue link types
  • Get issue navigator default columns
  • Get issue picker suggestions
  • Get issue property
  • Get issue property keys
  • Get issue security level
  • Get issue security scheme
  • Get issue security schemes
  • Get issue type
  • Get issue type property
  • Get issue type property keys
  • Get issue types for workflows in draft workflow scheme
  • Get issue types for workflows in workflow scheme
  • Get issue watchers
  • Get issue worklogs
  • Get Jira attachment settings
  • Get Jira instance info
  • Get locale
  • Get modules
  • Get my filters
  • Get my permissions
  • Get notification scheme
  • Get notification schemes paginated
  • Get options for field
  • Get permission scheme
  • Get permission scheme grant
  • Get permission scheme grants
  • Get permitted projects
  • Get preference
  • Get priorities
  • Get priority
  • Get project
  • Get project category by id
  • Get project components
  • Get project components paginated
  • Get project issue security levels
  • Get project issue security scheme
  • Get project issue type hierarchy
  • Get project notification scheme
  • Get project property
  • Get project property keys
  • Get project role by ID
  • Get project role details
  • Get project role for project
  • Get project roles for project
  • Get project type by key
  • Get project versions
  • Get project versions paginated
  • Get projects paginated
  • Get remote issue link by ID
  • Get remote issue links
  • Get resolution
  • Get resolutions
  • Get screens for a field
  • Get selectable issue field options
  • Get selected time tracking provider
  • Get share permission
  • Get share permissions
  • Get status
  • Get status category
  • Get system avatars by type
  • Get task
  • Get time tracking settings
  • Get transitions
  • Get user
  • Get user default columns
  • Get user email
  • Get user email bulk
  • Get user groups
  • Get user property
  • Get user property keys
  • Get users from group
  • Get valid project key
  • Get valid project name
  • Get version
  • Get version's related issues count
  • Get version's unresolved issues count
  • Get visible issue field options
  • Get votes
  • Get workflow for issue type in draft workflow scheme
  • Get workflow for issue type in workflow scheme
  • Get workflow scheme
  • Get workflow scheme project associations
  • Get workflow transition properties
  • Get workflow transition rule configurations
  • Get workflows paginated
  • Get worklog
  • Get worklog property
  • Get worklog property keys
  • Get worklogs
  • Load avatar
  • Load issue type avatar
  • Load project avatar
  • Merge versions
  • Move screen tab
  • Move screen tab field
  • Move version
  • Parse JQL query
  • Partial update project role
  • Register dynamic webhooks
  • Register modules
  • Remove filter as favorite
  • Remove group
  • Remove modules
  • Remove screen tab field
  • Remove user from group
  • Replace issue field option
  • Reset columns
  • Reset user default columns
  • Search for dashboards
  • Search for filters
  • Search for issues using JQL (GET)
  • Search for issues using JQL (POST)
  • Select time tracking provider
  • Send notification for issue
  • Set actors for project role
  • Set app property
  • Set application property
  • Set columns
  • Set comment property
  • Set dashboard item property
  • Set default share scope
  • Set issue navigator default columns
  • Set issue property
  • Set issue type property
  • Set issue types for workflow in workflow scheme
  • Set issue types for workflow in workflow scheme
  • Set locale
  • Set preference
  • Set project avatar
  • Set project property
  • Set time tracking settings
  • Set user default columns
  • Set user property
  • Set workflow for issue type in draft workflow scheme
  • Set workflow for issue type in workflow scheme
  • Set worklog property
  • Transition issue
  • Update comment
  • Update component
  • Update default workflow
  • Update draft default workflow
  • Update draft workflow scheme
  • Update filter
  • Update issue field option
  • Update issue link type
  • Update issue type
  • Update permission scheme
  • Update project
  • Update project category
  • Update project type
  • Update remote issue link by ID
  • Update screen tab
  • Update version
  • Update workflow scheme
  • Update workflow transition property
  • Update workflow transition rule configurations
  • Update worklog
  • Validate project key

The Simplest API

The Title of your project

  • Create a new owner in system
  • Create a new playlist in system
  • Delete owner with given ID
  • Delete playlist with given ID
  • Get all owners in system
  • Get all playlists in system
  • Get owner with given ID
  • Get playlist with given ID
  • Update owner with given ID
  • Update playlist with given ID

TUIAirport API

  • returns a list of TUIAirport objects given the search/filer criteria provided
  • returns a list of TUIAirport objects given the search/filer criteria provided
  • returns a list of TUIAirport objects given the search/filer criteria provided
  • returns one of zero TUIAirport objects given the search/filer criteria provided

TUIFlightSchedules API

  • returns a list of TUIFlightSchedule objects given the search/filer criteria provided
  • returns a list of TUIFlightSchedule objects given the search/filer criteria provided


Other Forms Companies and Organizations

These are additional companies who have APIs, but do not have as much detaila nd resources available to rank with the others.

Applet Designer

Diamond Edge, the leader in VB to Java conversion: VB Converter, the best Visual Basic to Java (VB) to Java Converter, Convert your ASP code to JSP with ASP2JSP, Convert your Access Forms and code to Java with Access Converter. Migrate VB to HTML, XUL, and JavaScript with our migration services.


CAD-KAS Shareware download page. Here you find the powerfull PDF Editor! Edit and change existing pdf files. Download and test usefull software programs. Office tools, Bürossoftware. Fun software. Spaßprogramme und Spiele. Poster-Drucker, Poster-printery, Games, Online games,...


Click1003 Pro offers affordable, powerful, borrower-interactive Online Mortgage Application software that your Loan Originators and Borrowers will really use. Click1003 Pro securely allows your Borrowers to scan and upload Loan Documents and keep track of loan requirements from their cell phones or any wireless device. Never miss another important event with a buit-in Calendar and Reminders sent to your email or any wireless device. Import and Export the Fannie Mae 1003 effortlessly. Easy text messaging from broker to borrower right inside the Click1003 Pro. Print All Document Formats as PDF Including .doc, .docx, odt, .rtf, .txt, .png, .jpg and .gif. Automatically converts and Saves Multiple documents and document types in One PDF. Use Click1003 Pros Click-To-Call feature directly from the Dashboard. Click1003 Pro software offers more advanced features than any other online mortgage application software on the market today. Click1003 Pro provides professional, advanced online mortgage applications with a back-end Dashboard interface functionality that works from anywhere in the world because its interface is web-based. The mortgagen application features include online URLA, wireless notification, over 90 informative help files, Color-coded navigation, self calculating in real time, time-saving redundancy features, auto online error checking, and much more. Click1003 Pro complies with the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB Act), the FTC Safeguards Rule and the Patriot Act for protecting borrowers nonpublic information. Click1003 Pro will print an actual Fannie Mae 1003 application to the borrowers printer and to the lenders or brokers printer for processing.

Dynamic Imaging Solutions

The corporate website for Dynamic Imaging Solutions (DIS) - provider of high quality bar codes, labels and related printing services. DIS - We Read Between The Lines.


Formstack is a data management solution that helps users collect information through various types of online forms, including surveys, job applications, event registrations, and payment forms.

H&M Systems Software

H&M System Software develops mainframe and system software packages in use by international customers and PC software for managing, optimizing and sharing digital images.

Internet Fixes

Mastin, Luke

Clear, well-designed and eye catching web-sites for a fraction of the cost charged by commercial web design companies.

QualCorp, Inc.

Scholl Consulting Group, Inc

Scholl Consulting Group, INC. provides IT consulting and programming services. We specialize in Custom solutions, GUI interfaces to legacy applications, multi-value databases and solutions for the healthcare industry. The X12 Claim Printer allows the printing of 837 transaction sets onto UB92 and HCFA-1500 forms.

The Purchasing Assistant

PURCHASING ASSISTANT™, purchasing management, purchasing software,e-procurement system, control maverick spending,fixed asset management,service contract management,purchase to pay,vendor management,facilities management, reduce expenses,budget control,forms management,purchasing systems,discount purchasing program.


With our APIs and developer tools, you can do everything from the basics, like tweak your themes and add new images to your account, to the most powerful features Typeform offers, like retrieve responses on demand and customize forms with Hidden Fields. And you can do it all without using the Typeform builder or even logging into!

Industry Tag Cloud

This set of tags represent this industry, pulled from the website and marketing materials available for each of the companies listed.

(2(AFS)(DBMS)(DSTP)(NFS)(OLTP)(OODBMS)(RDBMS)(UNC)(VLDB)..doc.docx.gif.jpg.pdf.png.rtf.txt100% Pure100311200200120032004200520063D56K837AA-UXA8AAbout.comAccessAccess 2000Access 97Access2JavaAccess97AccessoriesAccessToJavaAccountingActAction Script FilesActive Server PagesActiveXAd ManagementAd-hoc Reporting SoftwareAd-hoc ReportsAdd-InsAddressAddressingADLAdministrationADOAdult LearningAdvanced TutorialsAdvertising, Banners, And ExchangesAfricaAfrican AmericanAgency ManagementAgency Management SoftwareAlabamaAlaskaAlbertaAlgol 68AlgorithmsAllAlongAlphaAlternative InputAMS 360AMS AFWAMS ConsultantsAMS Custom ReportsAnAnalyticsAndAndrewAnimalsAnimatedAnywhereAOL Instant MessengerAOL SearchApacheApple LogosAppletApplet DesignerAppletsApplicantApplicationApplication GatewayApplicationsArcade GamesArchivesArdentArizonaArkansasARMArmeniaArrestArticlesArtificial WorldsArts And CraftsAsAscendant OneASCIIAsiaAskAspASP.NetAssemblerAssignAssociationsAsynchronousAtomAttendanceAuctionsAuditAustraliaAustriaAutoLISPAutomaticAutomationAutomotiveAutomountAvailableAwardAYB2BB3BangladeshBank PurchasingBar CodeBar Code LabelsBar Code ScannersBar CodesBarcodeBarcode ScannersBarcodesBarcodingBarlow, John PerryBasicBasilisk IIBattleBotsBBC BASICBBCodeBefungeBelgiumBestBildbearbeitungBingBiometricsBistroBittorrentBlileyBlitzBasicBlue Screen Of DeathBMSBMS MacroBMS MacrosBooksBorland JBuilderBorrowerBot ServicesBoycott, LawsuitsBricklin, DanielBritish ColumbiaBroadcastBrokerBrokersBrowserBSPBudgetBugzillaBUILD EngineBuild Management SystemsBuiltBusinessBusiness CardsBuy-SideByBy ContextBy LocationBy TopicByteBytecodeBytecodesBzip2C And C++C++Cable ModemCachingCafeCalculateCalculatorsCalendarCalendarsCalyxCamlCanCanadaCanada CustomsCapabilityCard GamesCargoCargo ControlCarrier CodeCascading StylesheetCasesCasioCECelebrityCellCertainCGICharacter EncodingCharityChatChats And ForumsCheapCheap 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They reflect the intent of these platforms, helping people understand what is aavailable for integration into applications.